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Harder the Struggle, Glorious the triumph

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I am artist Abhishek Bhalerao registered with CINTAA, I am from Mumbai, with a valid Indian Passport, Currently shooting with director Nikhil Advani for P.O.W. tv series on Star Plus.

My height is 5'10" ft

My age is 26 years and screen age is 23 years to 35 years

Languages known :- English, Hindi, Marathi(Mother Tongue) & Gujarati

Skills :- Bike Riding, Swimming, Dancing, Acting, Martial Arts

Work done :-

HINDI Serials :-

1) in CRIME PATROL as Inspector

2) "Inspector Tiwari" in "Sasural Simar Ka" produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms.

3) in continuity character Dhruvanchan in DD Kisan daily soap "SAMKRANTHI" by Mira Telefilms

4) as Inspector Adhiraj Singh in &TV show "Jai Santoshi Maa" produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms

5) as a Vigilance officer in "Chidiya Ghar" TV show

6) as a Cop in "Chidiya Ghar" TV Show

7) as Mr. Bunty, the right hand of Real Estate Businessman Tejpal in "Jai Santoshi Maa"

8) as Inspector Holkar in "Sasural Simar Ka"

HINDI Short films :-

1) Unititled Short film with Director Shlok Sharma (yet to be released)

MARATHI Serials :-

1) as "Inspector" in "Asmita" Episode 281

2) as Prisoner/Struggling Actor in "Tumcha Aamcha Same Asta" episode 40

3) as Doctor in "Maaze Mann Tuze Zaale"

4) as Multiplex Manager in "Durva"

5) as Electrician in "Kamala"

6) as Sevak in "Tu Majha Sangathi'

7) as a Scrap dealer (Raddiwala) in "Lakshya" serial

8) as Asur in daily soap "Jai Malhar" produced by Mr. Mahesh Kothare of Kothare Vision.

9) as Bank Manager in "Kithi Saangaychay Mala"

Marathi Feature Films :-

1) as News reporter in marathi movie "Kalakaar" ( May 2013 release)

2) as Mr. Vinod Shahoo, trusted aide of Shri Gopinath Munde in Marathi Movie "Sangharsh Yatra" - A biopic on Shri Gopinath Munde directed by Sakar Raut

Channel Promos :-

1) Star Pravah channel promo as Cop for new year events footage for Cops

2) as a Help in Zee Enterprises channel Promo video

Music Video :-

1) as Abusive husband in Domestic violence scene for Women Empowerment theme Music Video with actress Neetu Chandra.

Audition Links:-
1) Corrupt police:-

2) Psycho Husband

3) Inspector :-

My Latest & Best Work :-

Work Links :-

1) Watch "Majhe Mann Tujhe Zhale - 23rd October 2015 - ???? ?? ???? ???? - Full Episode" on YouTube - 13:23 for my scene

2) Watch "Tumcha Amcha Same Asta"!/1000073810
Watch from 13:50 For my scene

3) Watch "Durva"!/1000075147
My scene in the start of durva serial episode Episode 843

4) Watch "Tu Majha Sangathi"

Watch from 7min 40sec for my scene

5) Watch "Lakshya" serial
Watch my scene from 3min 44sec

6) Crime Patrol episode
My scene from 23rd minute

7) as Inspector Tiwari in "Sasural Simar Ka"

8) as Inspector Adhiraj Singh in &TV show "Jai Santoshi Maa" produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms

Episode 124

Episode 125

9) as Vigilance Officer in SAB tv show "Chidiya Ghar" by Garima Productions.

Episode 1180

10) as Bank Manager in Colors Marathi show "Kiti Sangaychay Mala" Episode 96


my scene from 14 minute 5 seconds


(ii) Episode 112

my scene from 12 minute 40 seconds

11) as Mr. Bunty, Tejpal's gaurd in "Jai Santoshi Maa"

12) as Inspector Holkar in "Sasural Simar Ka"

i) Episode 1595
watch from 17 min 23 sec

ii) Episode 1596

13) as Modak Customer in Zee Yuva channel's Marathi serial "Ithech Taaka Tambu"

Awaiting response,


Abhishek Bhalerao

Whatsapp/Calling :- +918451994193

Height - 5'11"

Location - Sion, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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